Moving to Seattle? 5 Tips From Locals!

With rapid growth in the tech, medical, fashion, and real estate industries, thousands of new jobs are being created each year in Seattle. Although Seattle produces some of the nation’s top talent, job demand has exceeded supply! Using apartment rental statistics as an indicator of who is taking jobs, we estimate over 50% of new jobs are being filled by international and out-of-state talent. As a result, rents are skyrocketing and property values are climbing!

If you’re moving to Seattle, there are a few things you should know.


1. Real locals don’t carry umbrellas!
Some locals don’t even own a rain coat! When you’re a real Seattleite the only time you pay attention to the weather is when it is sunny. We wear sunglasses year-round, and if the thermometer hits 60, we wear sandals and shorts. A true Seattleite doesn’t feel seasonal depression, he just gets extra happy when the sun shines.


2. Our rainy reputation is undeserved.
If you measure by inches of rainfall, Seattle ranks 44th in the nation! So why did we get this rainy reputation? It’s because we “mist” an average of 144 days per year! 


3. Fashion is on the RISE.
Your fleece, plaid shirt and tattered jeans won’t cut it! Grunge is over (unless you’re at the Comet on Capitol Hill). With budding independent designers like Kristjanson, Pursuit of Happiness, and Schai, supported by boutiques like Glasswing, Totokaelo, and Ketch – Seattle is an emerging fashion destination!


4. Live near your office.
Seattle ranks 5th for the most congested traffic in the nation! The short 4 mile drive from Queen Anne to Capitol Hill can take 75 minutes on a really bad day. Save yourself some grief and reduce your commute.


5. Buy a home! Apartment rents can easily exceed a mortgage.
The average one-bedroom apartment in Seattle proper rents for around $2,000+ a month. A $500,000 mortgage at an interest rate of 3.94% equals a monthly payment of $2,370. If you’re looking to buy a home around $500,000, prepare to enter a bidding war. Let Evan help you find your dream home and reduce the stress of finding and buying!