Seattle vs. San Francisco

Over the last couple months there have been many comparisons made between rising tech-star Seattle and the already saturated San Francisco. Regarding real estate, economy, quality of life, and culture,  we interviewed a SEA>SFO transplant to get her perspective.

Can they be compared?
Where are there better opportunities?
Is Seattle truly more affordable?
Where are people happier?

Lauren – 28 years old.
Worked at $9billion firm Concur in Seattle.
Works at lifestyle start-up in San Francisco.

What do you miss about Seattle?
L: The vast natural beauty and cleanliness! Even though the streets of Capitol Hill are often littered, Seattle compared to SF is extremely clean!

Why did you leave Seattle?
L: I didn’t intentionally leave the city, I left for a very specific fashion industry career. If I could have this job in Seattle I would! The opportunity was presented in SF.

Are there better opportunities in SF?
L: I do think SF is more established in tech, but that being said I think the growth in Seattle is undeniable. Since I have been living here, I’ve lost several friends to Seattle!

Are Seattleites or San Franciscans happier?
L: Coming from Seattle, it’s hard to say! People in both cities seem to keep to themselves. New residents of Seattle complain about the “Seattle Freeze” and unwelcoming personalities. I’m from Seattle so I cannot relate to that, but I do feel welcome in SF.

Bottom line – where is better?
L: It’s so tough to say! SF is definitely more expensive. I have an original Victorian 1br, well kept but not updated, 600sf apartment for $3,800/month. In Seattle I had a new town home just off Broadway on Capitol Hill, 3br, 3bath for $2,800 a month. Seattle is better for rents! SF has a more expansive culture and art scene. I’m enjoying my time here, but ultimately, I’m a Seattleite.